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Our Services

Bite Tech specializing in technological solutions for the fast growing cannabis industry. The company includes a customer service system that provides technical support, a software team that often launches new features, a marketing consultant and a design studio.

design studio supporting the product

Kind and dedicated Customer Service Team

The most advanced technology in the market

Strategic advantage over competitors

Top of the line user experience

Our Product

A unique platform that includes your own personal application with a smart ordering system. The app will contain your menu, prices, offers, add-on and photos and will be a new tool that allows you to better market your business, provide better services, streamline your day to day work, strengthen your brand and increase profits.

Do You Want To

Save Time?

Save Money? 

Increase Sales? 

That's What You'll Get

Personal (Private) App

Your logo, icon, menu, prices, photos, specials, coupons and more in your own App

Ordering System

Download list with all customer information, order history, special requests and all different reports

Full Menu

Your menu including photos, prices, ingredients, add-on and specials


Directly to your customers, send them live time notifications and tell them about your new item or special

Customer Relation

All time order reports from each customer, customers full information and CRM system

Best Customer Service

User friendly app for easy access to your menu, special and super fast check out

Contact us and get FREE presentation in your location  |  Tel: 1-866-757-BITE (2483)

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