BITE - a software house specializing in advanced technological solutions for the food industries only. The array includes a quality team of Software engineers that deals with development, customer service hotline, Marketing Consultant for promoting applications, and  graphic design department . Our goal is to provide a high quality technological product combined with a quality and courteous support and service team. The company's software engineers are working hard and launching new features that will upgrade the system and thus improve the value for the business owner.

We are in a new age, an era in which everything is found and done through the mobile device. In addition, the device is constantly bound on users and they use it for a wide range of tasks. At the same time, the fast-food industry is characterized as demanding, the operational tasks Should be carried out within a limited period of time. and there is great importance to every minute of work time. The large food chains have already internalized the need and invested a great deal of effort in developing and marketing an application that will serve the customers of the business. Today, the financial resources along with the scarcity A lot of time and technological know-how do not allow small and medium businesses to own and run a private app.

Therefore, we have established a unique platform that provides a real opportunity for every business, whether a single branch or a network, to use the most advanced and suitable technology for the industry. In fact, we offer and enable every business in the industry to create a branded application in the name of the business, through which it will send messages to the customers of the business, buy them a friendly tool for making orders, offer real-time promotions and offers and improve the efficiency of the business .